OSHA Delivery Team

The organisations managing OSHA, delivering the project management support services and the MMC technologies to the clients of OSHA, are as follows, with a link to each organisation:

The Project Director

Ottersbrook Consulting

The Project Management Office (PMO)

Cast Consultancy (supported by CPC Project Services)

Cat 1 (Volumetric) Suppliers

Beattie Passive
Lighthouse Modular Homes
ZED Pods

Cat 2 (Panelised) Suppliers

Donaldson Timber Systems
Frame-Tech Structures
GreenSquareAccord (LoCal Homes)
Mansell Building Solutions
Modularize/Lundell/Cara Consortium
Project Etopia UK
Saint-Gobain Off-Site Solutions
Sipco Limited

Current OSHA RP & LA clients and other partners involved in OSHA are listed within the Stakeholders page.

For a quick look, see the map below for locations of our client housing providers (red locator) and our supply chain partners (purple locator).