OSHA Supply Partner Saint Gobain Off-Site Solutions

Technology Type Timber Frame (Pasquil & Scotframe), Light Gauge Steel Frame (LGSF – Instatrack) & Modular Prefabricated Roofing (Roofspace)
MMC Category CAT 2 – Panelised & CAT 5 Structural & Non Structural Assemblies
PMV Upto 62% (Verified)
House Types Low & Med-High Rise Housing, Commercial, Care & Extra Care Schemes, Hotels and Student Accommodation
Manufacturing Locations 10 Locations (See OSHA partner map below)
Compliance BOPAS, NHBC Accepts for some systems (TBC), Checkmate Warranty available for some systems (TBC)

Why the OSHA route to delivery? – “Increasing the UK’s affordable housing stock to meet demand is a significant challenge, but one we as an industry must tackle head-on. OSHA plays a crucial role in addressing this issue, which is why we feel it is so important to be part of the collaboration. The OSHA framework and its many supporting elements, is a brilliant mechanism to achieve this, providing us with the opportunity to work with like-minded partners, delivering innovative off-site solutions driven by sustainability and performance. We are optimistic about the potential it offers to help facilitate the building of high quality, energy-efficient new homes at a faster pace”.

Our mission is to make life easier on-site by taking things off-site. This means helping housing providers find a way of delivering the low carbon homes of the future at scale and speed. At Saint-Gobain Off-Site Solutions, we have been leading the way in modern methods of construction (MMC), delivering solutions that enhance building performance during both the build process and the whole lifecycle of the building. Our division, which comprises the Intrastack, Pasquill, Roofspace Solutions and Scotframe brands, works towards making life better on-site by taking work off-site. We do so with the use of innovative, sustainable, and cost-effective building solutions delivered using off-site manufacturing construction techniques. Our services include design and engineering to manufacture and installation.

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Supply Partner Website: www.offsite.co.uk

Supplier Contact

Tom Jaggar: tom.jaggar@saint-gobain.com

Other Contacts

OSHA Project Management Office (PMO): jeff.endean@oshapmo.org

OSHA Project Director: mike.ormesher@offsiteha.org