OSHA PMO & Project Director Coordination

These 2 roles are the controlling and pivotal elements of OSHA and your first point of call for supporting your MMC housing projects. Whatever the requirement before, during or after your housing project, this is your first point of call to ensure your needs are delivered effectively, by MMC and Off-site DfMA delivery experts.

Project Management Office – Role & Responsibility

As the PMO team, we will be acting in the space between client and supplier, bringing our MMC experience and expertise in support of the partnership, aligning opportunities, capturing learning and supporting the delivery of great new affordable homes at scale”. OSHA is addressing a major market failure in the adoption of MMC by standardising and aggregating client requirements to drive manufacturing scale and efficiencies, whilst also allowing individual choice and flexibility. We worked with OSHA to help design the early stage tools including DfMA designs and commercial arrangements to align the Cat 1 & 2 MMC supply chain and are delighted to have been selected through a competitive process to deliver the project management office in support of OSHA’s public sector clients and technology suppliers.

Cast Consultancy Limited are proud to be supporting OSHA as the Project Management Team. CAST are at the forefront of driving sustainable change in the construction industry. Our market leadership and unique insights enables us to ensure a better outcome for the OSHA ambition. We are an integrated residential-led consultancy focused on helping clients deliver great homes and places viably, whilst also addressing bigger economic, societal and environmental challenges. We apply professional expertise and deep market knowledge together with our desire to innovate so that we can create real and practical benefits for our clients. Our spectrum of propositions have been built based on an understanding of changing market needs and we are confident the relationship between CAST as the PMO, together with our supporting partners, will deliver on the strategic plan set out by OSHA at inception”.

— Jeff Endean, OSHA PMO Lead

Project Director – Role & Responsibility

The OSHA Project Director responsibility is to ensure that the success and sustainability of OSHA is continuous and maintained across all areas of operation. This includes technical, commercial, operational, public affairs and independent client support activities as necessary. The Project Director reports directly into the OSHA Strategic Direction Group, currently made up of 5 CEOs (and strategic partners of the Homes England AHP) from the OSHA RP and LA client stakeholders. At Ottersbrook we are extremely proud to have supported OSHA since its inception back in 2019, and continue to support the alliance in the Project Director’s role, ensuring delivery and efficiency across a truly innovative programme of aggregated demand and DfMA collaboration.

The OSHA platform with its holistic collaborative engagement process, is without doubt a significant undertaking for the delivery of mass affordable housing, using MMC technologies at their best. Ottersbrook are privileged to have been part of the journey from inception. We look forward to making this exceptional team effort, a national reality for all OSHA clients and the best in class supply chain partners now fully onboarded, as we drive forward the deployment of aggregated affordable housing demand. After a significant exploration and development phase, we are now focused on delivering a robust and collaborative digital DfMA management system to include the full OSHA Platform, to ensure we capture the lessons learned, and significant opportunities for affordable and sustainable offsite housing delivery. We look forward to sharing this platform with as many public sector housing providers as we can nationally, now that we are fully operational”.

— Mike Ormesher, OSHA Project Director

Contact details

OSHA PMO – jeff.endean@oshapmo.org

OSHA Project Director – mike.ormesher@offsiteha.org