Vision and Values

The vision and values of the alliance are simple, yet robust enough to ensure delivery working with the offsite supply chain to procure thousands of high quality affordable homes across the UK.

A simple vision

. . . “to deliver high quality, affordable and high-performance homes using the very best, and robust off-site technologies”

The combined alliance partners’ strategy is to deliver circa 10,000+ high quality homes per annum from 2023 onwards across the UK, with a focus on MMC/off-site technologies. This coordinated approach will provide sustainable options, at low risk and with a controlled mass customisation catalogue of designs for alliance partners.

We have created numerous foreseen and unseen propositions over the 2 year exploration and development phase, based on the vision we set out in our strategic partner business case, back in October 2020. However, our biggest USP without doubt, is our ability as a client alliance, to offer considerable aggregated demand to our supply chain partners, offering volumetric and panellised solutions in Timber Frame, LGSF, CLT and SIPS.  By doing this, we are able to deliver significantly more confidence to the many stakeholders involved, whilst we capture collectively, the insights and shared learning as a team. This reduces our risk to failure as individual organisations and very quickly we agreed our mantra during the many workshops and meetings that we are . . .

We also agree at the start of our journey and business planning, that MMC technologies and the journey towards low and zero energy bills, low and zero operational carbon delivery, and zero carbon sustainability are all intrinsically linked, as is the need to reduce the procurement of factory designed, manufactured and assembled homes. So, if you are still putting your MMC journey to the back of the 5 year business plan, please check out the stakeholders and delivery team pages to see who we are in detail and how we are operating.

If you would like to learn more or speak to one of our team about joining as a housing provider client, please use the ‘Join OSHA’ link above for a no pressure discussion. We would really like to hear about your views, comments, experiences or needs, or simply just to keep you informed of our progress and deliverables as a future potential client collaborator.

Robust values

The social housing sector prides itself on having robust values to protect all in the delivery of affordable housing. Our aim is to protect all residents from stress and hardship and it is also our sincere ambition as an alliance and individually, to ensure that the homes we build, are ‘a home for life’ for our residents and home owners.

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