DfMA collaboration

Supply chain partners get to stress test and showcase their MMC/Off-Site technologies, with expert clients and strategic stakeholders, all seeking to support MMC growth in the social housing sector.

OSHA is made up of a senior executive (5 partner client CEO’s) steering committee and very focused senior executive (Development Directors) working groups to drive the development of OSHA and its ambition to achieve 10,000+ MMC homes as soon as possible. Added to this is the significant expertise and knowledge of an MMC Expert Project Director, a fully staffed MMC Expert Project Management Office, and 13 of the UK’s best performing MMC Manufacturers all focussed on the DfMA stages of a housing project using MMC technologies. The main theme is to ensure that each project we approach for the OSHA client, is delivered with minimum risk and maximum opportunity management.

The alliance has full governance control ensuring complete transparency between all stakeholders involved. Each project can be managed through the OSHA MMC Framework or alternatively there is also the option to have conversations with the PMO to deliver a project with a developer led team to manage the risk as an OSHA partner.

The fundamental difference between how we have delivered our homes in the past and how are delivering them now and in the future, is the shift in responsibility and accountability in the DfMA management process.

It is common that our supply chain partners and clients will have their own design teams and consultants already onboard, but the alliance will also be able to supply support in this area to ensure that the design for assembly is sympathetic and aligned with the design for manufacture. As we build our demand we are working towards delivering our own OSHA designs (circa 13 single family homes and cottage flats with multi family apartments imminent) already identified in our pattern and zero carbon playbook, but until that volume is right for our supply chain in a consistent flow, our partners continue to support us with their own certified house types in CAT 1 volumetric, but can accommodate our own designs today, in CAT 2 panellised systems. At OSHA we are very used to the many ways our clients and supply chain partners approach project evaluation, and it is entirely our role to ensure we manage this risk and opportunity with and for our partners. Our pattern books, DfMA process maps and gap analysis checks ensure that there are no stones left unturned when it comes to transparency of operations and delivery of the homes we seek to provide for our residents.

Check out who the strategic partners are in the alliance here where additional resource is used to ensure that robust feasibility and effective delivery are afforded at all stages.

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