Central Hub

Whether a Registered Provider, Local Authority, Off-site Technology Manufacturer, Central Government dept, Regulator or Compliance body, OSHA is providing a truly unique opportunity for shared learning and development.

OSHA is creating a robust delivery of MMC homes with aggregated demand and a specialist tool kit to ensure both compliance and quality. With a carefully managed programme of mass customisation for the social housing sector and its MMC/Off-site partners, the alliance acts as a catalyst to maximise the intelligence and shared drive towards a sustainable delivery, by offering sites and access to a plethora of strategic stakeholders.

The alliance works with supply chain partners to ensure affordable and well-designed modular homes. Supply chain partners are also encouraged to demonstrate their MMC propositions and cost management development.

With a more focused demand for homes and access to more sites across the alliance social housing clients, all wanting to fulfil their individual requirements and those requirements of the alliance programme, significant value and efficiency is now a common theme.  

Pattern book designs and zero carbon playbooks are now fully developed to suit the combined alliance partners, whilst working with the supply chain to ensure that cost is driven out and efficiency is provided at all stages of the DfMA process, wherever possible.

Having all of this activity (and much more) in one place within a central hub of intelligence and in an extremely collaborative manner, is the essential ingredient to ensure a successful programme. The main benefit for all is a step change improvement within the off-site housing industry.   

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