About OSHA

The Off-Site Homes Alliance (OSHA) currently consists of 25 Registered Housing Providers and Local Authorities, with a significant number of additional strategic partners supporting the client base to deliver aggregated demand of affordable housing nationally.

A robust business case, aggregated demand, and a DfMA delivery toolkit are the driving force behind the core strength of the alliance. Intelligence gathering and shared insight, working in partnership with the carefully commissioned supply chain partners has already been established and we are welcoming new members regularly to reap the benefits of this process. Several working groups have diligently worked to drive out waste and cost and to increase the much needed insight for the development of new tools, processes, procedures and crucial industry relationships, required to deliver MMC at its best.

Now that we are in full deployment mode, after a 2 year development programme supported by 23 pioneering housing providers and a plethora of other strategic partners, we are continually building the knowledge and efficiencies to ensure that we deliver best in class homes and support services to our members.

See how we operate at OSHA via the OSHA Platform for effective MMC delivery.

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